CallZackMorris  Production House

About CZM 

Zack Morris will exceed what is required to produce beyond what you would expect of your Event/Project.  


CZM Production House is a spacious studio providing sound quality from one of the most experienced producers with a mastery in Sound Design and positive recording environment.


Along with a full production team, that includes not only quality music production, but, Videography/Photography.

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I’ve entertaining people for the past 15+ years in the Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia & Delaware County, Bucks County & Montgomery County regions and also other states.

I have an endless collection of music, if I don't have it (which is rare) I will get it. Along, with quality lighting for professional photography and video services. I am experienced in all types of parties and events. I have entertained thousands of people of all different ages at weddings, communions, children & adult birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, benefits, nightclubs, bars, luncheons, dinner parties, school dances, 80s parties, disco parties, block parties, cheerleader competitions, dance competitions, pledges and other types of events. 


At CZM we work with uniquely talented artists, as well as top of the line equipment to deliver quality projects.

We are efficient and effective in music marketing & branding, and create a trustworthy and energetic environment to development artists.  

A production house, fully covering you & securing your future!